Department of Nursing


COMAND College of Allied health sciences is an ideal institute that is offering four years Nursing Program. Our four-year BSN Program blends solid academic preparation, innovative teaching methods and hands-on clinical experiences to enable you to provide holistic care for individuals. Upon completion, the graduates get an opportunity to enter the nursing profession as intern nurses. Following this one-year internship, they become eligible to appear in a mandatory licensure examination by the Pakistan Nursing Council, clearing which they qualify for a license to practice as a professional nurse.




BS-Nursing, as a significant participant in the health care delivery system in the country is dedicated to provide support for the professional development and competencies of those who study Nursing, Lady Health Visitor and Midwifery. The aim also includes monitoring for implementation of national standards in Nursing, Health Visitors and Midwifery education and practice by providing Registration \infrastructure and arranging continued educational opportunities for registered members.