Department of Sociology


Sociology is an illuminating area of study that conceptualizes and explains most important matters of our lives. Sociology with the help of sociological perspectives aims at investigating social issues and their causes at national and international level. The subject matter of sociology includes Social Institution, Social issues, social relationship, gender identity, family conflict, poverty and wealth, prejudice and discrimination. At global level sociology investigates the causes and consequences of high population, war and peace and economic development. The horizon of sociology is very broad both in knowledge and practice. It is a diverse field of study of human behavior and the structure and function of human society. Sociologists are concerned with understanding various social institutions within the social structure such as family, economy, politics, religion, social class, race and culture etc. through sociological lens by applying various theoretical and research paradigms.


The mission of Sociology, Social Work and Criminology department is to provide sociological knowledge to the students, which is relevant to their practical life. This is being achieved by imparting knowledge and skills to young sociologists-social engineers and social workers. Moreover, efforts are made to discover the broad pattern of interaction of social life that influences the social behavior. This is further strengthened by carrying out research on socio-economic, cultural, social, demographic, environmental and political problems of Pakistani Society.


Our mission is to guide the students through teaching and research to provide a systematic understanding of human societies and cultures. This includes an understanding of how societies and cultures shape individuals and how, in turn, informed social action can create meaningful social change. Our students experience a rigorous curriculum involving methodological, theoretical, experiential, and substantive training aimed at enhancing critical thinking, social awareness, and a globally-oriented conception of inequality and justice. As a result, our graduates are prepared for a range of career options, post-graduate educational opportunities, and a life of engaged, democratic citizenship.