About Us

About UCM

University College of Montgomery Sahiwal is proud of its diversified and highly prodigious alumni body. Over 8000+ UCM's alumni are spread all over the world and excel in different fields and spheres of professional careers and doing their alma mater revered and proud.


Our mission is to produce students with active and creative minds and instill in them the courage to achieve their goals. Making them tolerant, humane and capable of thinking in a creative and critical manner; aiming at producing denizens enriched with devotion, consistency, determination, and an optimistic drive in tackling the challenges of the contemporary world.


To advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and for humanity.



A profound and aspirational value: the quality of striving to be, and being, outstanding.


A moral value, the quality of being honest, ethical and truthful.


An essential and learned value, regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions.

Academic Freedom:

A unique value of the academy, a scholar’s freedom to express ideas through respectful discourse and the pursuit of open discussion, without risk of censure.


  • Improvement in quality and standard of education.
  • To achieve excellence in ensuring high-quality education.
  • Accountability in finances and academic programs.
  • Character development with an emphasis on the morality of maturity.

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