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2 Years Program

  • Fsc Pre Engineering
  • Fsc Pre Medical
  • ICS
  • FA IT
  • I.Com

4 Years program

  • Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Nutrition & Food-Science
  • Business & Commerce
  • Science

2 Years Program

  • MSC Zoology
  • MSC Botany
  • MSC Math
  • MSC Chemistry
  • MSC Physics

Why Choose Us?

The choice of a college or university plays an acute role in gaining acumen, honing your personality, and fulfilling your ambitions. It's highly pivotal you pick a place that feels right for you – and where you will be satisfied. It needs to be a university that will help you achieve your goals; a place you can trust. UCM holds the reputation for excellence due to the top-notch quality of teaching, support and the resulting high levels of student aspiration and achievements. We will help you realise your potential, maximise your results and guaranteed your success in securing your scintillating future.

  • Heigher Education Staff.
  • Standered Campus.
  • Tower Opportunity.
  • ScholarShip Based Admissions.

Message from the Chairman of UCM

We feel immensely proud to invite and welcome the students to join University College of Montgomery Sahiwal. UCM put a strong emphasis on theoretical, practical, and technical education to meet the requirements of contemporary world. The primary mission of UCM is to inculcate in the students such critical abilities, wisdom and values which are necessary for the making of a forward looking, coherent and well-balanced individual. It also seeks to prepare a mindset imbued with Islamic ethos and positive social norms without prejudice to the authenticity of any other religion. Our core objective is to prepare the students not only to be capable of acquiring a well-established career; as a matter of fact, the primary focus of UCM, apart from providing top-notch education, is on instilling discipline, competency, and motivation in students to achieve excellence in their upcoming practical life.

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